Russia UNVEILS Nuclear Missile Stronger Than Hiroshima

The installation of a big Russian Yars rocket into a silo at the Kozelsk military facility, located in the Kaluga region southwest of Moscow, is shown in the video made public on December 14.

The missile was loaded into the silo over the course of several hours, according to the Russian defense ministry, utilizing a specialized transport and loading team.

The unit is reportedly working to create a new infrastructure that will provide better conditions for duty force training, combat duty execution, and staff downtime, according to the Russian media.

According to reports, the Kaluga-based Yars missile complex has a carrying capacity 12 times greater than the American atomic bomb that demolished Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.

Using a unique transport and loading unit, the 7,500-mile-range intercontinental ballistic missile was loaded into a silo launch pad. The preceding Topol-MR has been replaced by the RS-24 Yars.

The SS-29, as it is known in the West, was created by the Moscow Institute of Thermal Engineering and underwent its initial testing in 2007.

It may fire from a planned site, a specially designed garage with a sliding roof, or an unprepared position during field deployment and be ready for launch in seven minutes. In preparation for the annual Strategic Missile Forces Day on December 17, Russia is showing its nuclear arsenal.

The only difference between the missile system and the Topal-M missile system is that the payload bus has been updated to accommodate MIRV.

The missile’s warheads are all contained in a single stage that separates from the rest of the weapon after launch in a traditional MIRV configuration. Once beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, this device is capable of autonomous navigation and can fire each warhead over a single target.

Russia claimed to have tested the RS-24 Yars with a novel warhead design in June 2019. The Kura Missile Test Range in Kamchatka Kra, on the opposite side of Russia, was struck by the missile after it had traveled approximately 3,500 miles during the test.

In order to assure that its strategic forces will be able to outperform any future American air and missile defenses, Russia has frequently stated that it is developing hypersonic weapons. The Avangard soars across space, relying on reentry to accelerate to its top speed. It is claimed that it has the ability to fly in unpredictable ways to avoid being seen.

Russian media has been spreading false information regarding the country’s nuclear arsenal. Alexander Khodakovsky, the commander of Russia’s Donetsk battalion, suggested this week to state media that nuclear weapons would aid Moscow in winning the conflict.




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