San Francisco Grocery Stores Installing Metal Emergency Gates to Stop Rampant Shoplifting

The Vallejo store has recently joined other nearby grocery stores in implementing metal emergency gates as a preventive measure against the increasing incidents of theft. Betty Yu, a reporter from KPIX, has been sharing updates about security measures taken by grocery stores on Twitter. According to Yu, a Safeway in Vallejo has installed gates and closed off a second entrance, and other stores have followed suit in their efforts to discourage shoplifters.

“This automatic gate closes after each person enters the store. Barricades also make it harder for shoplifters to make a run for it. Safeway also closed off an exit and blocked it with water bottles,” Last year, Yu posted a tweet regarding a Safeway located in Castro.

“Like other local businesses, we are working on ways to curtail escalating theft so we can ensure the wellbeing of our employees and foster a welcoming environment for our customers. These long-planned security improvements were implemented with those goals in mind,” as per the statement provided to Fox Business, the company expressed its position.

According to the report, the Bay Area has experienced a 10.4% increase in property crime since last year. Additionally, the region has been impacted by a surge in smash-and-grab robberies, where individuals armed with weapons such as bats steal valuable merchandise worth thousands of dollars from upscale stores.




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