School Roof Collapse Leaves Dead and Wounded

In Phichit province, Thailand, a tragic incident occurred when a school roof collapsed, resulting in the deaths of at least seven individuals and causing injuries to others. On May 22, during a rainstorm accompanied by strong winds, the roof of Wat Nern Por primary school collapsed. Following the collapse, 18 people were taken to the hospital for treatment. Among the victims, four were children. Distressingly, the children sought shelter from the rain inside the school’s activity center, as it was the official start of the rainy season in Thailand on that day. Unfortunately, the metal roof of the activity center collapsed while the children were inside.

The devastation captured the attention of international media, as videos of the wreckage circulated widely. Authorities attributed the incident to the severe weather conditions that had been affecting Bangkok. Tragically, the youngest victim was a six-year-old boy who passed away at the hospital after the collapse. To provide support to those affected by the tragedy, temporary relief centers were set up by rescue crews.

Roof collapses have made headlines in 2023, and one such incident occurred during a heavy metal concert at the Apollo Theater in Belvidere, Illinois, United States, resulting in the death of one person and injuring 40 others in April. The concert was featuring a performance by Morbid Angel.

During the event, Alex Livingston, who attended the concert with his father, Fred Livingston Jr., witnessed the tragic incident. Sadly, Fred Livingston Jr., aged 50, lost his life in the collapse, making him the sole fatality. Alex Livingston, speaking to reporters, expressed his inability to save his father during the incident.

Similar to the collapse at Wat Nern Por primary school, the roof collapse at the Apollo Theater was also caused by severe weather conditions. In this case, a tornado warning had been issued just moments before the collapse occurred. Fortunately, the majority of the injured concertgoers sustained minor injuries.




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