Several Kansas GOP Lawmakers Received Packages Containing A ‘Suspicious White Power’

Multiple state law enforcement agencies, in collaboration with the FBI, are conducting investigations following the receipt of over 70 letters containing a substance believed to be suspicious white powder by Kansas lawmakers. The Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) stated that numerous public officials, including lawmakers, reported receiving these questionable packages on Friday. To delve deeper into the matter, the KBI is partnering with local law enforcement agencies and sheriff’s offices to gather the letters and conduct a thorough investigation.

“Law enforcement is working to safely collect the letters and investigate the incidents. Currently, no injuries have been reported, but we ask everyone to remain vigilant in handling mail.”

According to a report by the Kansas City Star, Republican state Attorney General Kris Kobach and several other Republican lawmakers were among the individuals who were specifically singled out in the incident. Thomas Day, the director of Legislative Administrative Services for the Kansas legislature, relayed information to lawmakers that the envelopes originated from Kansas City and Topeka. The collected letters are being handed over to both the KBI and FBI, as reported by the Kansas City Star.

Upon the confirmation that the packages were being circulated, Republican Senate President Ty Masterson took the initiative to send an email to lawmakers, cautioning them to exercise care and be vigilant while opening their mail.

In a statement provided to KMBC, Carrie Rahlfeldt, the communications director for the Kansas Speaker of the House, verified that multiple Republican lawmakers had indeed received packages. Additionally, one of the lawmakers expressed the belief that the targeting was specifically aimed at Republicans, as the motive behind the incidents became apparent.

“We’re using our finest resources and it’s being squandered because someone – or a group of people – are very deliberately trying to make a point. Kansas Legislators that are Republican are being targeted. There appears to be some message,” according to State Senator Molly Baumgardner.




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