Sidney Powell Exposes Demented Pervert Biden In Bombshell Interview

Sidney Powell is an American hero.

The honorable General Michael Flynn was saved by the Deep State’s claws by a female lawyer. Flynn was railroaded before Powell took over the case by counsel many claim were compromised.

Sidney Powell, after pulling a rabbit from a hat while beating the corrupt government on its own turf, has dedicated herself to expose the “irregularities” in 2020.

Sidney now turns her attention to the Democrat Party and Sleepy Joe Biden, and the amazing fraud they perpetrated on this nation… all in order that they could lord it over us and pi** us and tell we it’s raining.

The Gateway Pundit reported

“Attorney Sidney Powell joined Rose Tennent on the radio to discuss her ongoing efforts in uncovering fraud in the 2020 presidential elections.

Sidney Powell, during the interview, predicted that Maricopa County will soon audit Arizona for over 100,000 fraudulent ballots.

Perhaps that is why Democrats sent Mark Elias, their top attorney, to stop the audit from being revealed.

Sidney took a swipe at Joe Biden with her colorful take.

Sidney Powell: “Just realize they took the two most pathetic candidates in the history of the Democratic Party. A vice president who didn’t even win a primary in her own state. And a demented pervert, among other things, who can’t even tie his own shoelaces or know where he is and they crammed them up our nose with a fork of fraud so blatant that it is visible around the world.”‘

Below is the complete interview with Powell. It was conducted by Rose Tennent.

I long for the day when Sidney Powell can try a case before a court of law, in front a real judge and not just a political hack. This will allow us to finally end this case once and for all.

Either the election was on top and up or it wasn’t, but the American people deserve the truth, regardless of what that may be. But, we don’t know anything right now because of all the manipulation and interference that has been seen in the media, social networks, and by elected and appointed ‘officials.

We must make sure that the case is resolved if we want to ever heal the republic. Otherwise, how can anyone trust another election ever again?




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