Stacey Abrams in Trouble After Half a Million Goes Missing from Charity

The New Georgia Project submitted its 2021 Form 990 financial declaration in January, two months after the IRS was required to receive it and three months after the board chairman of the nonprofit organization dismissed CEO Nse Ufot, who had been chosen by Abrams to manage the organization. The Black Male Initiative, a mysterious charity headed in part by Ufot’s brother Edima, a former New Georgia Project employee, is the recipient of a $67,500 grant and a consultation payment totaling $533,846 from the New Georgia Project, according to the disclosure.

The Black Male Initiative, however, claims that it was never compensated for its consulting services. The organization gave the Washington Free Beacon its IRS financial records, which indicate it received just $255,000 in contributions from all sources and no consulting income in 2021.

The next roadblock for the troubled nonprofit is the ethical issues brought up by the stolen money. The New Georgia Project was in disarray, according to a November article in The Free Beacon, as former senior staff members accused the organization’s leadership of indulging in widespread financial malfeasance. The organization allegedly acted illegally to support Abrams during her unsuccessful 2018 gubernatorial campaign, according to Georgia’s state ethics commission.

Abrams started the New Georgia Project in 2013, and it has since become the face of Democrats’ efforts to increase the proportion of non-white voters in Georgia and turn it blue.

With a combined $54.7 million in funding since 2020, the organization and its connected New Georgia Project Action Fund are among the biggest left-wing voter registration campaigns in the nation.

Nigerian community organizer Nse Ufot played a key role in that initiative. In 2014, Ufot claimed that Abrams persuaded her to leave Canada and move to Georgia to take over the New Georgia Project. However, her employment with the New Georgia Project was abruptly terminated in October 2022 under questionable circumstances.




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