Teamsters Donate to GOP in Surprising Move

Breaking away from long-standing tradition, the political action committee representing the Teamsters union has decided to contribute $45,000 to the Republican National Committee’s convention fund. The union asserts that this action aims to encourage leaders from both major political parties to pay heed to the concerns of ordinary workers.

Kara Deniz, the representative for the Teamsters, mentioned that the check destined for the RNC will be dispatched shortly. Deniz also disclosed that the union contributed a total of $135,000 to the Democratic National Committee in December, allocating $45,000 specifically for their convention. 

Notably, Deniz emphasized that the union has abstained from contributing to or engaging in conventions for both major political parties since 2000, during the presidential race between George W. Bush and former Vice President Al Gore.

Deniz emphasized that the union has not yet determined whom to endorse in the upcoming 2024 election. Notably, in the previous two elections, they endorsed the candidate opposing Trump (Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Joe Biden in 2020). Despite remaining undecided on their endorsement, it’s worth noting that the United Auto Workers, the largest union exclusively for autoworkers, has already pledged its support to President Joe Biden.

During a rally in Michigan in mid-February, a pivotal state for union advocates, Trump addressed the crowd, expressing concerns about undocumented immigrants potentially taking Teamster jobs. Trump had a private meeting with Sean O’Brien, the President of the Teamsters, in January this year, and also participated in a public gathering with the union on January 31st. Although Trump is optimistic about securing the Teamsters’ endorsement, O’Brien remains uncertain, noting that Biden has been supportive of unions, which is crucial.

Numerous Teamsters members have voiced their opposition to the union PAC’s decision to contribute to the RNC, with dissent coming from figures like Teamsters Vice President John Palmer, who opposed the donation to the RNC convention. Additionally, some other Teamsters members have expressed their intention to cease donations to the Teamsters PAC, citing a belief that Republicans are not supportive of unions or workers.

The Teamsters Union represents around 1.3 million workers, with UPS employing nearly one-third of this workforce.




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