The Liberal Media Needs to Slow It’s Roll in Attack on Chiefs Fan

Ensuring that you possess accurate information before covering a topic is a fundamental principle in journalism. Failing to do so may lead to embarrassment for both yourself and the publication you represent.

Carron Phillips, a Deadspin journalist, recently raised the issue of a Kansas City Chiefs fan appearing in blackface and a Native American headdress during a game. In his critique, he implicated a news outlet and the NFL. 

However, upon the revelation of the actual facts, they starkly contradicted Phillips’ narrative.

The article from Deadspin, titled The NFL should denounce the Kansas City Chiefs fan in Blackface, Native headdress,” alleged that a 9-year-old child, depicted in a photo with his face painted black and wearing a headdress, was responsible for promoting bigotry.

However, the image of Holden Armenta used in the article, and for promotional purposes on social media, fails to provide the complete narrative. At best, it is deceptive, and at worst, it can be seen as engaging in race-baiting.

Even though Holden wore a headdress, the black and red paint on his face was intended to reflect the team colors, not to simulate blackface.

Additionally, it was revealed that the boy is of Native American descent. The fan’s mother, Shannon Armenta, also voiced her perspective, accusing the publication of attempting to sow discord and providing clarification about her son’s ethnicity.

This isn’t the initial instance of Phillips facing criticism. The account “End Wokeness” on X, highlighted that the writer has a track record of engaging in racial reporting, substantiated with accompanying screenshots.

Upon being confronted and confronted with the evidence, Phillips attempted, in a now-deleted tweet, to associate the red paint on Holden’s face with Mexicans and the tradition of wearing Sombreros on Cinco de Mayo.

He also revised the initial article by incorporating a statement from the Chumash Indians, the tribe affiliated with Armenta, emphasizing that they do not support the use of regalia as a costume or engaging in any form of cultural appropriation.

The statement lacks an apology to the fan for the inaccuracies in their reporting.




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