Tom Emmer Drops Out of Speaker Race! Conservatives Win!

Tom Emmer’s decision to withdraw from the Speaker’s race is a significant victory for conservatives.

The House Republicans selected Tom Emmer, a former spokesperson associated with a group that received funding from George Soros, as their candidate for Speaker. This choice has once more provoked discontent within the conservative movement.

After the vote, the House GOP conducted a roll call vote during their conference to assess Emmer’s chances of success on the House floor. Notably, the Republican from Minnesota, Tom Emmer, requested this vote. However, 26 Republicans voted against him. Consequently, Emmer has conceded and withdrawn his candidacy.

It could be contended that President Trump played a role in this turn of events. As Cristina Laila reported, Trump criticized Emmer in a post on Truth Social and then shared it with House Republicans via text message.

The competition for the Speaker’s position has once again become competitive. According to Newsmax, Rep. Mike Johnson from Louisiana, Rep. Kevin Hern from Oklahoma, and the favored conservative candidate Byron Donalds from Florida have re-entered the race.

Mike Johnson held a position in the Louisiana House of Representatives from 2015 to 2017. He was reelected unopposed on two occasions. During his tenure in the state House, he was designated as the vice chair of the House Judiciary Committee and was also appointed to the Select Committee on Leadership.

Kevin Hern, a former entrepreneur who transitioned into politics, acquired his initial McDonald’s establishment in North Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1997, utilizing savings accumulated from various small business enterprises. He is among the 147 Republican members of Congress who cast their votes against certifying the 2020 election results, expressing concerns regarding the electoral college outcomes.

Byron Donalds secured a seat in the Florida House of Representatives in 2016, following an unsuccessful bid for a congressional position within the tea party movement in 2012. In 2020, he emerged victorious in a competitive Republican primary and went on to decisively defeat Democrat Cindy Banyai in the election to represent Florida’s 19th district.




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