Top Dem’s CHURCH Faces Shocking Request!

After ignoring a request for information about its charitable endeavors, the church where Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) preaches may soon receive subpoenas. Before the elections, the Ebenezer Baptist Church made headlines when it was discovered that the housing foundation it oversees was evicting tenants for petty rent arrears.

On October 12, the Ebenezer Building Foundation was requested to provide information about the low-income apartment building that it manages by Georgia’s state charity division. The foundation, whose finances are intricately entwined with Warnock’s Ebenezer Baptist Church, has not yet answered. To obtain the information it needs, the state is currently thinking of issuing an investigative subpoena.

The most important question is whether the Ebenezer Building Foundation is recognized as a charitable organization in Georgia. State officials dispute the Foundation’s claim that it is on its IRS files, which it has made for more than ten years. The Foundation may incur fines or perhaps lose its ability to conduct business in Georgia if it is not registered.

The thought of a subpoena, and perhaps a significant scandal, involving a company that gives Warnock an additional $7,417 per month in “housing allowance” on top of his Senate salary won’t make him happy. On December 6, a runoff vote will be held to determine whether he will be re-elected to the Senate or if Republican candidate Herschel Walker will succeed him. Warnock’s chances may suffer greatly if he becomes embroiled in an investigation.




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