Top Republicans Vow Investigation into Brandon’s Business Dealings

According to investigations conducted by congressional Republicans, members of the Biden family took advantage of their ties to Joe to benefit themselves through promises of access and access expectations.

Democrats have been uncooperative, but we have continued to follow these connections. Nearly 100 requests for information on Biden family scams have been submitted by us. Many have been disregarded, including all of the requests submitted to the Biden administration.

However, McCarthy went farther than most Republicans do after outlining all that Slow Joe and Hunter Biden did. He didn’t stop at lamenting how unfair or unjust it is that Trump has been subjected to such persecution while Biden has gotten away with nothing more severe than a warning.

Nevertheless, towards the end of his op-ed, McCarthy made the bold decision to promise a probe into Hunter and Joe Biden.

Some of the questions have been answered, but there are still more. The American public will decide in November whether they agree to being informed what facts they are permitted to know by a complicit media, including who is formulating national policy and for whose purposes. Republicans in power will be dedicated to exposing the information that Democrats, Big Tech, and the established media have buried.

However, it is uncertain if such an inquiry will actually take place. McCarthy, Johnson, and everyone else can say whatever they want, but in order to actually look into the Biden family, a strong majority will be needed, one that the Crenshaws and Romneys of the GOP cannot derail by being principled and obstinate. Additionally, the normally taciturn and timorous GOP will need to join the bar-knuckled brawl that such an investigation will almost certainly become.




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