Towing Company Offers Bizarre Explanation For Hauling Suv With 2 Tots Inside

A tow truck transported an SUV containing two young children in Virginia, and the towing company attributed this action to the blinding effect of the sun’s glare. They also cited the similarity in color between the car seats and the black leather seats of the vehicle, as well as the fact that the children involved were of African American descent. On Tuesday, at around 11 a.m., a 26-year-old woman contacted the police to report the theft of her SUV, along with her two kids, aged 3 and 1, from the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City in Arlington.

Law enforcement promptly discerned that the vehicle had been removed from a location where parking was prohibited. A preliminary inquiry suggests that the tow operator was not cognizant of the presence of the children within the vehicle. Upon being informed, the tow operator promptly pulled over to inspect their well-being.

John O’Neill, the proprietor of Advanced Towing, affirmed that the driver of the tow truck was unaware of the presence of the two youngsters.

Photographs posted on, the first source to cover this event, provide an unobstructed perspective into the interior of the SUV when viewed from the front. However, images capturing the side view were not disseminated by the website, and it’s worth noting that the children remain out of sight in photos captured from an external vantage point.

O’Neill noted that his tow truck operators frequently encounter situations where children are inadvertently left inside improperly parked vehicles during hot weather conditions.

The individual, identified as Chaukina Thomas by WTOP News, left her white Hyundai Kona unattended with the engine running and the doors unlocked for approximately 16 minutes in a designated fire lane outside the mall, as relayed by O’Neill to WaPo.

Following the police’s action of bringing Thomas to the towing company’s premises to reunite her with her children, she received a citation for allegedly playing a role in the misconduct of a minor. Subsequently, she was permitted to depart.

An Arlington police representative affirmed that the children were in sound health once they were located in the rear of the vehicle.




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