Trans Teacher Makes Shocking Return to Classroom

Earlier this year, Canadian parents expressed shock and dismay when a shop teacher, dressed as a woman and sporting large artificial breasts, began instructing children. Kayla Lemieux asserted to be “intersex” and maintained that the breasts were genuine. 

This caused dissatisfaction among parents, leading to the contentious teacher being placed on paid leave. Subsequently, the teacher has been employed by another school, albeit without the attire and prosthetic bosom associated with women’s clothing.

In September of 2022, a 39-year-old individual named Kayla Lemieux commenced their role as a shop teacher at Oakville Trafalgar High School in Oakville, Ontario. This new teacher quickly gained notoriety when videos began circulating on social media, showcasing their unconventional appearance.

Lemieux arrived at work donning a long blonde wig and women’s attire, often of a form-fitting nature, prominently displaying their sizable Z-cup breasts. While many individuals speculated that these breasts were artificial, Lemieux vehemently asserted their authenticity. They claimed to be “intersex” and attributed the growth of these breasts to hormone therapy they had undergone.

Despite these efforts, parents remained dissatisfied, and their concerns deepened when pictures of Lemieux in non-work settings surfaced on the internet. It became evident that, outside of the school environment, Lemieux abandoned the wig and adopted a masculine attire, prompting observers to note the absence of his purported “authentic” breasts.

With the controversy escalating, the school board, which had initially supported the teacher, found itself compelled to take action. On February 28, Lemieux was placed on paid leave, though the Halton District School Board clarified that he remained an employee.

It appears that Kayla Lemieux and the Halton school board have ultimately gone their separate ways, as he has secured a position at another school. On September 5, he made his appearance at Nora Frances Henderson Secondary School in Hamilton, Ontario, where he is presently employed. 

Two noteworthy aspects marked his arrival. Firstly, he was accompanied by a police escort, which is unsurprising given the death threats he has received. Secondly, he was dressed in men’s attire and sported a beard, but notably absent were his distinctive breasts that were his trademark.

Lemieux’s recent placement at the new school has prompted concerns and proactive measures. Principal Tom Fisher has cautioned parents about the likelihood of media attention and potential threats directed at the school. He outlined additional security measures aimed at safeguarding the institution from protests or acts of violence.




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