Transgender Militants Arm Themselves For Combat – Sparking Fears Of Violence At Pride

Photos of transgender people dressed in military gear, including weapons, are flooding the r/transguns subreddit. They explore how to fight back against transphobia and share their fears of persecution and genocide. Fearing for the safety of the transgender community, some users have even considered carrying a firearm to an LGBT Pride event.

Members of this subreddit are of the opinion that transgender individuals face violent persecution and, as a result, should arm themselves. They make comparisons to the experiences of transgender activists, who claim that transgender persons face hostility and even death due to their gender expression. The FBI found that in 2021, three individuals were murdered because of their race or ethnicity, one was slain because he was homosexual, and two were killed because of their transgender status.

According to psychiatrist and Genspect vice-director Joseph Burgo, the trans identity is a “false self-image” that represents a personality structure that protects against and hides many types of mental disease. Paranoia and escalating appeals to violence are a direct result of the transgender community’s perception of an existential danger posed by those who question and oppose the trans narrative.

Transgender identity is rooted in a cultish mindset that ends in a “us-vs-them” persecution complex, which discourages transgender people from challenging the movement’s official story. This cultish attitude is evident on the subreddit r/transguns, where anybody who suggests another way of dealing with the transgender problem is automatically labeled a “transphobe.”

Transgender activists are spreading a false and delusional story. The r/transguns subreddit was created as a forum for the most extreme proponents of this delusional theory. The conservative movement rejects the subreddit’s violent solutions to the greater challenge of supporting transgender people. Instead of pushing for armed and battling, the conservative movement is calling for real help for individuals suffering with gender identity.




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