Trump Expresses Support for Bipartisan Railway Safety Legislation

On Monday, former U.S. President Donald Trump endorsed bipartisan railway safety legislation whose primary purpose is to prevent tragedies like the train crash in East Palestine, Ohio, in February.

Ohio Senators Sherrod Brown and JD Vance are leading the charge to enact new safety regulations for trains transporting dangerous materials.

A couple of months have passed since the Norfolk Southern train derailed in the eastern Ohio town, prompting this legislative push. Residents of the state were understandably worried, as the train was carrying a wide variety of poisonous substances. The potential for an ecological catastrophe was highlighted by experts as a reason why this event should mark a turning point.

President Trump blasted President Joe Biden on social media for ignoring the people of East Palestine. After condemning US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s response to the disaster, he declared his complete support for the bicameral legislature.

Trump wrote that Republican Vance has been “working hard” in the upper house to ensure this situation will never happen again. That’s why, he said, it’s crucial that the legislature approve this law, which “has my complete and total endorsement.”

If Trump backs the concept, that may make it easier for other Republicans to vote for it in the House. If it ever reaches President Biden’s desk, the bipartisan measure has a good chance of being the first major bill to get through the divided Congress and be signed into law.

The rail industry has long opposed measures like size limitations and increased inspection standards, both of which are included in the bipartisan proposal. The measure would also enhance penalties for railroads that violate safety regulations.

The rail lobby is advocating for changes to the legislation, including the elimination of a clause mandating two-person crews, while railway labor organizations argue that the law already has too many exemptions.




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