Trump Miami Resort Robbed of 60 Plus Generators

At least 60 generators were stolen from the Trump National Doral Miami golf resort, owned by former President Donald Trump, in a daring act that reportedly took place in part during daytime hours. They loaded up their truck twice in plain view of the security guards and made off with equipment worth tens of thousands of dollars. The event is still being investigated, and the suspects have yet to be located.

The thefts happened within five hours of each other on the same day, October 2, raising suspicions of an inside job. WPLG broadcast video of a white Ford pickup driving into a restricted area and exiting with a load of generators in the bed. Tinted windows likely hid the vehicle’s license plate number and occupants from view, thus neither has been made public. According to reports, the suspects pretended to be construction workers in order to blend in with the crowd.

About two weeks before a LIV golf tournament was scheduled to be held at the resort, it was broken into. The property had the generators stashed away until they were needed for the function. The police are optimistic that they have solid leads that will bring them to the criminals.

Robberies are up more than 10% over last year, while killings are up more than 23%, according to local figures in Miami-Dade County. Authorities are looking into the potential that this ring is responsible for other thefts that have made news in the area over the previous few months.

The police have just apprehended a ring responsible for a series of heists beginning in April 2020, when they stole heavy construction equipment worth $1.7 million. The investigation into the criminal organization has been ongoing, and numerous arrests have been made in connection with it. In August, they broke up a criminal organization that had been stealing GPS systems from boats in Florida marinas. The thieves reportedly stole $2.5 million, valued at up to $5,000 each item, before being apprehended by the authorities.




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