Trump Says Adam Schiff Should Be Convicted of Treason

After hearing evidence linking the weaselly worm to a Chinese-sponsored plot to impeach the most patriotic president ever to sit in the Oval Office, a Guantanamo bay military tribunal convicted Adam Schiff, Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, on Thursday, July 1.

In July 2019, Schiff grossly distorted and wildly mischaracterized Trump’s telephone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy in which he is alleged to have withheld U.S. aid in return for an investigation into Hunter Biden. Both Trump and Zelenskiy refuted the allegations, but Schiff abused his authority in pressing Congress to move forward with an impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump.

The U.S. Navy Judge Advocate Gen’s Corps opened an investigation in September 2019 to determine if Schiff’s actions were against House Rules and whether his grievances are constitutional.

JAG’s six-month investigation revealed that Schiff, just like many Deep State operatives, was addicted to opulence. He happily accepted bribes for helping enemies of the United States when these actions were in line with his personal goals.

JAG and Office of Military Commissions uncovered evidence linking Schiff with a Chinese plot to depose Donald J. Trump. Li Wei, a Chinese businessman, had given Schiff “gifts”. Hunter Biden has 10% of Wei’s Bohai Harvest RST Shanghaii Equity Investment Fund Management Co.

He also gave a 1954 Bao Dai Rolex worth $5,000,000 and a Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport valued at approximately $3,000,000. The latter was then secretly auctioned by Sothebys.

The Office of Military Commissions asserts Schiff has flagrantly violated the Gifts Rule of House Ethics Committee. This prohibits federal employees receiving gifts for favors, and requires that any item worth more than $166 be reported at the State Dept.

This evidence led to Schiff’s arrest on May 24, and their subsequent visit to Guantanamo bay.

His Thursday tribunal lasted just two hours. Vice Adm. John G. Hannink called on the 3-officer panel of judges to convict Schiff. He appeared unaccompanied.

“Schiff’s greed, compounded by his seething hatred of Donald Trump, led him down a path of treasonous behavior. He is weak and malleable, and he did knowingly betray his oath of office in hopes of making money and staging a tacit coup against the elected President of the United States. Certainly, others must have known he received these gifts, and who they came from, but that was swept under the rug by a Deep State desperate to remove Trump from office.  Schiff used aliases and proxies to launder many of his ill-gotten presents, but there’s always a trail,” Vice Adm. Hannink told the panel.

Schiff was asked to explain his crimes. He said he should have declined the gifts but that they were “aboveboard” and had no connection to his association to China, Li Wai, or Joe Biden.

“Of course, I know these people,” Schiff said. “But Wai is a friend mine who struck good fortune and shared some of that with me, his friend. It had nothing to do with Trump. I have loyally served this nation for many years and don’t recognize this tribunal’s authority over me.”

Vice Adm. Hannink, as he had at previous tribunals, pulled the proverbial rabbit from a magic hat: via teleconference, Schiff’s wife Eve appeared on a video screen to testify against her husband. She told the tribunal that Schiff had accepted $20,000,000 in gifts and incentives to wage war against Donald Trump. She was able to produce receipts and ledgers, as well as personal correspondence between Schiff and Hunter Biden, proving Schiff’s payouts were meant as compensation for trying to dethrone Trump.

“The documents you see on screen, we have copies of,” Vice Adm. Hannink said, and passed the incriminating paperwork to the panel. “Mrs. Schiff, have you in anyway been coerced or compensated to give testimony against your husband?”

“I have not,” Eve Schiff said. “I was tired of the abuse. I’m glad this is finally over. I was tired of the lies, the manipulation, the evil that pervaded our home. Adam was never happy with a government salary. He was telling me how he hoped to get rid of Trump and get rich at the same time.”

“You’re getting what you deserve, Adam,” she addressed her husband personally, and the screen winked off.

Shortly thereafter, the three officers weighing the military’s case found Schiff guilty and recommended he receive capitol punishment for his crimes against America. Vice Adm. Hannink concurred, and scheduled Schiff’s execution for August 13.




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