Trump Visits Columbus Waffle House After Georgia GOP Convention Speech

Following his address at the Georgia Republican Convention, ex-President Donald Trump made a visit to a nearby Waffle House, where he engaged with his supporters by autographing items, taking pictures, and engaging in conversations.

Regarding the recently revealed indictment that accused him of mishandling national security secrets and subsequently concealing his involvement, Trump firmly asserted, “We did absolutely nothing wrong.”

Trump engaged in conversations with numerous individuals at the Waffle House located on Veterans Parkway in Columbus, Georgia. Additionally, he briefly addressed a group of dozens of people inside the restaurant, discussing the indictment.

“The documents, whole thing is a witch hunt. It’s a disgrace. Should never happen. It’s hurting our country,” Trump said.

According to WTVM’s report, approximately 100 individuals were packed inside the Waffle House. Subsequently, Trump proceeded to deliver a speech at the North Carolina Republican Convention held in Greensboro on Saturday evening.

During the state GOP convention dinner in North Carolina, former President Trump expressed his belief that an indictment issued by the Department of Justice is an endeavor to obstruct the desires of the American people.

“I promise you this: If you put me back in the White House, their reign will be over and American will be a free nation once again,” he added.

He claimed that the indictment is a deliberate effort to undermine his prospects of securing a second term in office.

The allegations against Trump include deliberately disregarding requests from the Justice Department to return classified documents, involving his aides in concealing the records, and even expressing his intention to defy a subpoena for the materials stored at his residence, as per the accusations.

During his appearances at Republican state conventions in Georgia and North Carolina on Saturday, Trump aimed to portray the 37 criminal charges leveled against him as an assault not only on himself but also on his supporters.




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