Trump Wants Chutkan Removed from His Case

On August 6, former President Donald Trump said he would seek the removal of the judge presiding over the dispute involving the 2020 presidential election. The presidential contender claimed on Truth Social that he would not receive a fair trial before US District Judge Tanya Chutkan in Washington, DC.

She is a long-time Democratic supporter and an Obama appointment, so claims that she was randomly chosen to preside over Trump’s case caused uproar. In addition to being a partner at the firm that hired Hunter Biden, Chutkan has spoken out forcefully against those who have been accused of inciting violence during the disturbances in the Capitol in 2021. As a result of her participation, many experts have warned that it could become “problematic.”

Trump said in his post that a Washington, DC jury would likely be made up of liberals and Democratic supporters, therefore his legal team would seek to have the trial moved elsewhere. The ex-president also stressed the need of free speech and honest elections in his brief (written in all capitals).

The Republican leader who was indicted on four counts connected to his alleged attempts to alter the presidential election entered a not guilty plea on August 3. The judge who presided over Chutkan’s arraignment nonetheless denied a request from his legal team for more time to reply to a Department of Justice request. The government organization had requested that she make a ruling restricting the presidential candidate’s ability to speak publicly about the matter.

When asked if his legal team had options if they believe Chutkan is compromised, Alina Habbam, general counsel for the pro-Trump Save America PAC, stated, “We believe” Chutkan can be “compromised.” She also said it’s absurd that someone who has donated to the Democratic Party and sat “on the board” with President Joe Biden’s son be in charge of this investigation. According to Habba, it’s unfair to the American people that the judge is connected to “the current president” and Trump’s main “political opponent.”




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