Two Men Arrested For Sabotaging Four Electrical Power Substations in Washington State

Late last month, the FBI detained two men for damaging four electrical power substations in Washington State.

The two suspects, Jeremy Crahan, 40, and Matthew Greenwood, 32, were seen on camera at the Tacoma facility.

After the two suspects set fire to the Puget Sound Energy substation on Christmas Sunday, thousands of people were left without electricity.

Dispatchers received a call of a fire at the Puget Sound Energy substation at 14320 Kapowsin Hwy E on December 25, 2022, at 7:21 p.m. Deputies, firefighters, and Puget Sound Energy personnel arrived at the scene. The substation was secured once the fire was put out. Homes in Graham and Kapowsin lost electricity. The suspects broke through the fence to the enclosed area, where they sabotaged the machinery that started the fire.

Since Christmas Day, there have been four incidents at power substations in South Pierce County. The Sheriff’s Department noted that all law enforcement agencies in the county have been made aware of the attacks and would be keeping an eye on any nearby power substations.

On December 31, Greenwood and Crahan were detained and accused of planning to harm energy facilities.

According to the criminal complaint, Matthew Greenwood and Jeremy Crahan have been charged with conspiring to harm energy facilities, and Greenwood is also accused of possessing an unlicensed weapon.

The complaint claims that Crahan’s 1999 Dodge pickup truck and one of the suspects present at the area at the time of the attack were seen on surveillance video from one of the attacked substations.

In the days preceding their arrest, the FBI allegedly placed them under almost constant observation.

Two unlicensed short-barreled weapons, including one with a makeshift silencer, were discovered during a search of Greenwood’s trailer, according to the complaint. 

Greenwood was apprehended while wearing clothing that, in part, resembled what was seen on the suspect in the surveillance tape.




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