Ukraine Takes Drastic Measures to Help Ease Stress From the War

For close to two years, the citizens of Ukraine have grappled with the constant threat of harm from Russian shelling or military presence. This prolonged period of insecurity has significantly affected the people of this Eastern European nation, prompting measures from the national parliament to address the impact on its populace.

On December 19, the Ukrainian parliament sanctioned the use of medical marijuana through a formal vote. Individuals seeking access to the drug will be required to consult with a medical professional and obtain a prescription. It’s essential to note that the recreational use of marijuana remains prohibited, and individuals found in possession of it for non-medical purposes will be subject to legal consequences.

The recent legislation received approval with 248 votes in favor out of the 401-seat chamber. Additionally, the law permits the utilization of cannabis for industrial and scientific purposes. Prime Minister Denys Smyhal proposed this legislation, and it is scheduled to come into effect six months from now.

The ongoing debate regarding the legalization of marijuana in the country has been a longstanding one. However, the invasion of Ukraine by Russian President Vladimir Putin played a significant role in expediting the decision-making process on this matter.

At the beginning of this year, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy advocated for the legalization of marijuana. In a speech marking the 27th anniversary of the nation’s Constitution, Zelenskyy urged lawmakers to legalize cannabis-based medicines for those in need.

President Zelenskyy highlighted that legalizing cannabis is considered one of the potential solutions that could aid individuals experiencing the “pain, stress, and trauma of war.”

Repetitive attacks by Russian troops on civilian areas during the conflict have instilled profound fear among the population. While the Kremlin denies deliberately targeting these areas, reports indicate that schools, hospitals, theaters, maternity wards, and other civilian facilities have been affected.

Dr. Jade McGlynn, a research fellow in War Studies at King’s College London, shared her perspective with Euro News earlier this year, characterizing Russia’s actions as terror bombing. She suggests that these actions are strategically designed to create a sense of insecurity among Ukrainians, subjecting them to significant psychological pressure.




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