Unvaxxed Air Force Cadets May Not Graduate Or Be Commissioned


They turned down the vaccination. As a result, four Air Force Academy students may not graduate – and may be compelled to repay large tuition costs.

According to Air Force authorities, it is the only military institution that has imposed such heavy sanctions on its students thus far.

The refusal of the COVID-19 vaccination by cadets at the Colorado Springs academy might prevent them from being commissioned as military officers this month.

According to the Air Force, they may also be required to repay thousands of dollars in tuition charges.

According to the Army and Navy, no seniors will be prevented from graduating at the United States Military Academy.

Due to vaccination refusals, students were denied admission to the Military Academy in West Point, New York, or the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

West Point graduates on May 21, the Air Force Academy graduates on May 25, and Annapolis graduates on May 27.

In August, all service personnel, including those in military academies, were required to receive COVID-19 immunizations.

Soldiers who refuse the vaccination would be kicked out immediately, the Army announced in February.