US Agencies Threaten to Crackdown on Artificial Intelligence

On Tuesday, federal agencies under the Biden administration made an announcement that they plan to take action against the use of artificial intelligence (AI) that could result in inappropriate business practices such as discrimination or unlawful bias. This move is significant, as many European countries have already taken similar steps in recent months. The US Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission released a joint statement stating their commitment to upholding principles of equality, justice, and fairness as AI and automated systems become more widespread and affect civil rights, consumer protection, equal opportunity, and fair competition.

The aforementioned agencies of the Biden administration acknowledged that while artificial intelligence can bring numerous benefits such as efficiency, cost reduction, breakthroughs, and insights, it can also perpetuate illegal bias and discrimination. As such, they emphasized their commitment to ensuring that these rapidly advancing technologies are only utilized in accordance with US federal laws. 

Federal Trade Commission representative Linda Khan released a separate statement, highlighting that the US authorities have already observed how many artificial intelligence tools can intensify fraudulent activities. She affirmed that these agencies will not hesitate to utilize their full legal authority to safeguard all American citizens from these kinds of threats.

Khan further stated that while technological advancements can bring essential innovations to society, claims of innovation must not serve as a cover for illegal activities. Moreover, the Chair asserted that there will be no exemption for artificial intelligence from established rules and regulations. These two agencies will exert great effort to enforce the law and combat deceptive and unfair practices, as well as illegal competition.




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