US Embassy Attacked by Mortars

The resistance from Islamic groups against US forces in the Middle East has heightened following Israel’s retaliatory actions against Palestinians in Gaza. The latest incident involved an attack on the US embassy in Baghdad, resulting in no casualties but causing apparent structural damage.

On December 8, around 4:15 a.m. as reported by Fox News, the assault took place. Various areas within the embassy’s compound were hit, and extra rounds landed in a river close by. Initially, authorities described the explosions as stemming from rockets, but later investigations identified mortar fire as the cause. A representative from the Pentagon confirmed that seven or more 60 mm rounds landed within the embassy premises, impacting areas that housed coalition offices.

No specific group claimed responsibility for the attack, a common occurrence in the region, as noted by the Washington Institute. Opposition groups to the US presence in the Middle East united under the banner of the “Islamic Resistance in Iraq” around mid-October 2023. This coalition emerged in response to US backing of Israel’s extensive strikes in Gaza, which reportedly resulted in the loss of over 13,000 lives.

Members view the United States as a major contributor to the extensive destruction, prompting them to conduct 98 strikes against US targets in Iraq and Syria as a means of expressing their protest. The predominant method employed in these attacks has been the use of drones and/or rockets.

As per The Atlantic Council, the United States currently has 2,500 troops stationed in Iraq and 900 in northeast Syria as part of the continuous endeavor to counter the Islamic terrorist group ISIS.

In response to recent terrorist attacks, American forces retaliated with a counter-strike on November 21, resulting in the death of five members of the Islamic Resistance. One of them was honored as a martyr in the struggle against the influence of American occupying forces in Iraq.

Even with a cease-fire declared in Gaza on November 24, the situation remained turbulent. According to Fox News in a distinct report, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres issued a letter to the Security Council on December 6, once more urging an end to the hostilities and the implementation of substantial humanitarian initiatives across the region.




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