US Warship Attacked by Houthi Forces

A United States Navy vessel apprehended armed individuals who seized control of a tanker associated with Israel near the coast of Yemen.

The assailants attempted to flee but were chased by the US warship. Two missiles were fired at the warship from territory in Yemen under Houthi control.

The Houthis pledged to retaliate against Israel for its actions towards Hamas in Gaza. Israel responded following an incident in southern Israel that resulted in numerous casualties and the abduction of hundreds.The strife has resulted in a significant number of casualties in Gaza, with a notable proportion being children.

The vessel Central Park, under the management of Zodiac Maritime Ltd., came under attack. The 22 crew members included individuals from diverse nations.The insurgents issued a threat to the tanker transporting phosphoric acid, demanding a redirection to a port in Yemen.

The USS Mason intervened, insisting on the release of the targeted vessel. Five individuals carrying weapons attempted to escape but surrendered when pursued by the USS Mason. Despite the launch of two missiles aimed at the warship, they failed to hit their intended mark.

These events are part of a sequence of assaults orchestrated by the Houthis, which encompass missile strikes directed at Israel. Despite efforts by the US to thwart these attacks in the Red Sea, tensions endure.

The Houthis have been embroiled in an extended internal conflict against Yemen’s government, supported by Saudi Arabia, since 2014. The recent event involving the Central Park and the USS Mason has raised apprehensions about more extensive regional issues.

The occurrence involving the Central Park tanker underscores the precarious situation in the area. Prioritizing international security, endeavors to uphold stability and forestall the escalation of the conflict persist.




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