Vax Executive Admits They and the WH Lied About Vaxx Efficacy

For the most part, COVID-19 is no longer a major concern for Americans. Those of us who reside in civilized states haven’t donned a mask or given the virus any attention in a long time. However, the widespread return to normalcy has made it possible for many criminals to avoid responsibility for their actions during the pandemic’s peak.

That includes the present government, which promoted illegitimate vaccination requirements under the pretense that those who are unvaccinated pose a hazard to others and explicitly said that vaccinations prevent transmission. In 2021, Joe Biden made the infamous claim that receiving these immunizations will prevent you from contracting COVID. In several lectures, he brutally criticized the unvaccinated, stating that they were endangering others by forgoing the injections.

I well recall those days because it felt like we were yelling into space when we said that immunizations did not halt transmission. Right-leaning news websites that dared to be open about the hazards of spreading and the absurd reasoning behind the regulations came under harsh criticism from social media firms. We faced censorship, traffic throttling, and defamation.

Many fact-checks, like the one below, were conducted to refute our claims.

Today, however, provides a little measure of satisfaction for those who refused to take our beatings lying down. In a public hearing, a Pfizer official acknowledged that the company never even tested the vaccine to determine if it might stop transmission.

That acknowledgment contradicts statements made by Pfizer and the Biden administration both before and after the vaccinations’ first distribution. Both parties hinted at data and research demonstrating that the transmission was greatly decreased after receiving the injections for well over a year. The CDC ultimately acknowledged in mid-2021 that the vaccine-eligible were still propagating the virus at a high rate before the Omnicron wave, when that falsehood became wholly inadmissible.

The White House, however, utilized those same fraudulent claims to support regulations that never had any scientific foundation because it was anxious to advance its own narrative on the vaccines, mostly for political reasons. The Biden administration still refuses to acknowledge the sheer worthlessness and unwarranted discrimination of things like vaccination passports, for instance.




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