Vegan Activist Angry Over Inadequate Airline Meal

Juanita Headley, a motivational speaker, has caused a stir after recently losing her cool on a KLM aircraft. This past April, Headley was traveling from Ghana to Amsterdam when her connecting flight was delayed and it became difficult to provide her with a vegan dinner.

Normally, according to Headley, she would bring her own vegan meals, but due to the delay, she ran out of time. KLM claims there were exceptional circumstances surrounding the lunch because not every aircraft offers them unless the request is made with enough advance notice.

Headley claims that the crew assured her that there would be “no problem,” but the motivational speaker claims that she was enraged by their response. As she observed the other passengers consuming hot meals around her, she took a snapshot of the nuts with some tangerine and pineapple bits and posted them to social media. A banana, additional pineapple, and nuts, according to her, made up her second lunch.

Despite her claims that the staff was especially polite, treated her with great personalization, and made her feel special, the efforts were insufficient. Although they did eat a vegetarian supper, it was also unsatisfactory. At the very least, make sure the vegetarian dish is also vegan, Headley said in his assessment of this.

Comments on her social media posts about the traumatic experience agreed with Headley and other vegans who wrote that it is absurd in 2023 to not always have vegan meals available. According to the influencer, if she had a nut allergy, she would have had to survive on fruit rations.

KLM has expressed regret in statements about the situation. They claimed to have contacted Headley to make amends and apologized to her. A vegan dinner shouldn’t be considered strange in this day and age, according to Headley, and there should be more options accessible on flights.




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