VP Harris Makes a Major Mistake While Visiting the South Korea

Joe Biden appears to be deteriorating. As we previously reported, he is currently searching the audience during his presentations for any deceased individuals, and his wife is forced to accompany him off the stage. The absurd excuses White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre makes for his health are not even being accepted by the liberal media.

Unfortunately, Kamala Harris, his stand-in, has a lot of issues of her own.

On Thursday, Harris traveled to the border. The Demilitarized Zone, which separates South Korea from North Korea, not our southern border (DMZ). Her visit to South Korea ended with a visit to the DMZ. Yoon Suk-Yeol, the president of South Korea, and Harris had a meeting to discuss collaborations in business and technology. They also held a “roundtable on gender equity” because, at a time when North Korea is launching ballistic missiles, gender equity is something that has to be prioritized.

Harris next made a visit at the Camp Bonifas Dining Facility where she spoke with American servicemen before starting her journey to the DMZ. She spoke at Observation Post Ouellette after glancing through binoculars at the boundary.

During her speech there, she made a fairly important error. She made reference to our “strong alliance” there. She kept referring to the connection that was “strong and enduring” with the “Republic of North Korea,” but she couldn’t remember who that alliance was with.

Harris next went to one of a group of blue buildings that crosses the line of demarcation, where an American officer described how talks with North Korea are still held there. They use a megaphone and transmit messages back and forth sometimes.

While she was in South Korea and Japan, North Korea launched three ballistic missiles, which White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre attempted to minimize by calling them “not unusual,” but she also doesn’t believe Joe Biden talking to the dead is unusual.




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