VP Harrisโ€™s Husband Makes Hilariously Statement Regarding Her Run In 2024

If Biden resigned, Harris should be the Democratic Party’s contender for president in 2024, according to Harris’ obedient husband.

Democratic voters have only just begun to think about Biden replacements, but the potential successors and their spouses are becoming increasingly preoccupied with the subject. The Second Gentleman, Doug Emhoff, has advised Democrats to support Harris if Biden decides not to run.

There is no lack of “eye-rolling” in the administration, according to reports, when people dispute Harris’s ability to connect with voters. She doesn’t have the same justification as Biden’s dementia because her incapacity to speak in public has been well-documented over the period of her vice presidency. Simply said, she does a poor job.

Harris is currently in an undesirable situation due to his low approval ratings, however these statistics are no longer significant. However, according to FiveThirtyEight, Harris only receives a pitiful 39.5% of the vote, which essentially suggests that only the most devoted Democratic base backs her efforts. Even Joe Biden is not even close to this.

You may recall that Harris withdrew from the 2020 DNC primary back in December of 2019.

For a candidate who had high hopes when she first started her campaign, Harris’ withdrawal from the contest is a sharp decline. The senator stated on Tuesday that financial constraints caused her to abandon her campaign after months of trying to raise her dismal polling numbers. She was unable to continue in the race because of internal fighting brought on by a lack of funding and support in the last months of the campaign.




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