Watch As Biden Fumbles Around The Podium As He Looks For His Mask


The 46th President, as usual, was confused and dazed at the signing of the $1.2 trillion “infrastructure bill”

Biden stumbles around looking for his mask as many moments from the event go viral. Biden can be seen searching for his mask around the podium before giving up. He walks into a group of unmasked Democrats after giving up on his search for the mask.

It seems that “covid safety” doesn’t seem as important to him.

Watch below:

Biden claimed that no one with a net worth less than $400,000 would pay any taxes due to his $1.75 trillion tax and spending bill.


Biden also accidentally called Kamala Harris’ husband the “First Lady” at another point. Yes, really.


The perfect summary was given by a Twitter user:


Pray for our country. Its fate lies in the hands of an incompetent and weak leader.