WATCH: Illegals Jump Over Border And Disappear Into Traffic

One day after Chuck Schumer called for a widespread amnesty for illegal aliens living in the US, The Gateway Pundit reported on thermal drone video showing a large gathering of illegal aliens marching like soldiers and illegally entering private property near Eagle Pass, Texas.

Now, while being watched by automobiles on a state highway in Texas, illegal immigrants from Mexico may simply jump over the border wall.

In November, Border Patrol agents were avoided by more over 73,000 illegal aliens, which is the most ever seen along the southern border.

The term “gotaways” refers to undocumented immigrants who have eluded overworked Border Patrol officials while being spotted by other types of surveillance but managed to avoid being apprehended. Those who were not spotted are not included.

According to the number of gotaways for November, there have been more than 137,000 gotaways during the first 10 months of current fiscal year. There were around 600,000 getaways in FY2022. In FY2021, there were 389,155 border runaways.

On a busy Texas highway, illegal aliens can be seen climbing over the border wall from Mexico and rushing directly into oncoming traffic while dodging cars moving at lethal speeds.

Two groups totaling 13 migrants may be seen in videos shared to Instagram jumping from the 30-foot border wall, across the Loop 375 state highway in El Paso, and rushing into America without any border agents in sight.

One video shows migrants passing through a gap in the chain link fence on the north side of the border wall as the driver records them.




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