Watch As Pelosi Stares Down Reporter And Then Snaps


After being asked about her strategy for handling the debt ceiling, Nancy Pelosi, far-left House speaker, snapped at a reporter on Wednesday morning.

“Why get mad at members, why twist the arms of moderates if this is not going to move anywhere?” the reporter simply asked.

After staring at the reporter for 3 seconds, Pelosi snapped

What are you talking about?! We have a responsibility to uphold…to…uh, lift up the full faith and credit of the United States of America. That’s what we have to do. These members have all voted for this last week… let us give every confidence every step of the way. We cannot predicate our actions in the House on what could happen in the Senate. But in terms of this, I have no patience for people not voting for this,” she stated.

Watch below: