Whats Happening – Dems Elect Dead Guy In Pennsylvania

During the midterm elections, a state legislator from Pennsylvania who passed away last month won reelection. After a battle with illness, Democrat Anthony “Tony” DeLuca passed away on October 9. He was 85.

While deeply grieved by the passing of Representative Tony DeLuca, Pennsylvania House Democrats stated that they are proud of the voters for continuing to demonstrate their faith in him and his dedication to Democratic ideals by re-electing him posthumously. There will be a special election soon after.

According to reporter Charlie Wolfson, AP has Tony DeLuca winning the HD32 race. A special election will be held to fill the vacancy left by DeLuca’s passing in October. Some people made the observation that the voters in this case were unaware. Undoubtedly, some were. However, for some, a special election was probably preferable to choosing the third-party candidate on the ballot.

Party officials declared at a press conference on Wednesday outside Independence Hall that Pennsylvania Democrats will have at least the 102 seats required to change the state House, though some votes are still being tabulated.

Since 2010, the Democrats have not been in charge of the House.

Although Republicans will continue to hold power in that branch of the government, Democrats haven’t held the reins of the Pennsylvania Senate since 1993.

If the results are accurate, Joanna McClinton, an African American woman who represents a portion of Delaware and Philadelphia counties, will become the first female speaker of the Pennsylvania House.




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