White House Admin Finally Ends Another Travel Restriction

More evidence that the Biden administration is ready to move on from the COVID-19 epidemic are emerging.

A significant COVID-19 limitation for international aviation travelers may be lifted shortly under President Joe Biden’s administration.

Last year, the Biden administration imposed this travel ban in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The Biden administration first prohibited nonessential travel to the United States from nations like China and Iran, but it later lifted the ban and replaced it with other limitations.

Unvaccinated air travelers were required to undergo a 24-hour coronavirus test, while fully vaccinated passengers were required to do a 72-hour test. For non-immigrant individuals coming to the United States, the limitations included a vaccine requirement.

During the outbreak of the Omicron strain at the end of last year, the Biden administration changed the testing criteria such that everyone, regardless of vaccination status, had to be tested for the coronavirus within 24 hours of flying.

The Biden administration has decided to scrap the 24-hour coronavirus testing requirement.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has concluded that the 24-hour coronavirus testing requirement for air travelers is no longer necessary, according to an unidentified senior administration official.

Airlines and others in the travel sector have lobbied the government to repeal the restriction, claiming it harmed demand for foreign travel. The tourism business has been impacted particularly hard by the epidemic.

Whatever the reason for the decision, the testing requirement will be phased out on Sunday at 12:01 a.m. EDT. The CDC, on the other hand, says the ban might be reinstated in the future.

The testing requirement would be reevaluated every 90 days by the agency, and it might be reinstated if a worrying new variety arises.




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