Woman ARRESTED And CHARGED After Assaulting Matt Gaetz

A woman from Tallahassee, Florida, was taken into custody over the weekend for reportedly attacking Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., during an event held in Miramar Beach. The Walton County Sheriff’s Office was summoned, and Selena Chambers, 41, was arrested after it was determined that she purposely hurled a glass of wine at Representative Gaetz and yelled vulgarities at him. Chambers was charged with battery on an elected official and was granted a $1,000 bond, which she posted the following day. The incident occurred when Gaetz and his wife were at the South Walton Beaches Wine & Food Festival.

In response to the purported attack, Rep. Matt Gaetz, who has served as the representative for Florida’s 1st Congressional District since 2017, stated during his podcast that he intends to press charges against the woman and will ensure that the safety of residents of northwest Florida is not jeopardized. Gaetz recounted that he and his wife were socializing with acquaintances at the event when a woman tossed a drink on him and another individual. The woman was arrested immediately.

“I want to thank the great folks at the Walton County Sheriff’s Office who ensured this did not escalate and that everyone is kept safe,” he stated.

Gaetz announced his intention to “pursue legal action against this individual to defend the decency our society deserves,” and identified Chambers as a “left-wing writer” who became fixated on Donald Trump and participated in a phenomenon called “resistance expression.” Gaetz described the occurrence as “very unusual,” and observed that when a conservative misbehaves, it receives extensive media coverage. 

He expressed doubts that this instance, in which a radicalized leftist caused a disturbance in his neighborhood and journeyed from Tallahassee, Florida, would receive comparable attention. Nevertheless, he vowed to ensure that the proper consequences are imposed via the judicial system, as demanded by the safety of his community.




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