WWE Co-Founder Under Federal Investigation

Describing Vince McMahon as merely a legend in the realm of professional wrestling would not do justice to his impact. As a co-founder of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and its long-standing CEO, he has left an indelible mark on the industry. However, McMahon has recently relinquished his position amidst accusations of sexual abuse, prompting investigations by the Department of Justice, as per recent reports.

Reports indicate that McMahon is currently under investigation by federal authorities for allegations related to trafficking and sexual assault. The Wall Street Journal unveiled this information shortly after McMahon’s departure as CEO. Authorities are said to be exploring whether federal statutes were violated following a lawsuit filed against the former CEO by a former employee.

On January 25th, Janel Grant initiated legal action against McMahon and John Laurinaitis, a former WWE executive overseeing talent relations. Alleging physical and emotional abuse, as well as instances of sexual assault and trafficking during her time at WWE, Grant brought forth the lawsuit.

Grant alleged that McMahon compelled her to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) concerning their purported relationship, wherein he purportedly committed to remunerating her $3 million for maintaining silence. 

However, according to the lawsuit, she claims she did not receive the entire sum and seeks to annul the NDA. In 2022, McMahon faced accusations of disbursing over $12 million to four women across a span of 16 years to ensure their silence regarding allegations of infidelity and sexual impropriety. In August, federal agents purportedly issued a subpoena to McMahon, seeking information regarding the payments.

Grant stated that she was brought into WWE’s fold in 2019 after McMahon demanded a physical relationship as a condition for her employment. She alleges that McMahon disseminated explicit content, including videos, photos, and personal details about her, among colleagues, and pressured her into sexual interactions with other WWE personnel, including Laurinaitis.

The accuser alleged that Laurinaitis and McMahon assaulted her while colleagues were present at their workstations. In one instance, she asserts McMahon committed an indecent act towards her. The legal complaint further alleges that McMahon sent her a text message asserting sole ownership over her and dictating whom she could engage in relationships with.

According to Grant’s legal action, McMahon violated the terms of the NDA by failing to compensate her completely. While he provided her with a $1 million payout upon her departure from the company, he allegedly neglected to fulfill the remaining payment, thereby nullifying the agreement.

Despite McMahon’s denial of all accusations leveled against him, he opted to resign from his position within the company. Requests for comment regarding the purported investigation made to the US Attorney’s Office have remained unanswered.




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