3 Dead After 2 Army Helicopters Crash Returning From Training Flight In Alaska

According to a report, two military helicopters crashed in Alaska on Thursday following a training flight, resulting in the deaths of three Army pilots and injury of a fourth. The helicopters, which belonged to the 11th Airborne Division’s 25th Aviation Regiment at Fort Wainwright, were carrying two service members each at the time of the incident. The crash occurred near Healy, and one person was transported to a hospital for treatment, according to Army spokesperson Capt. Molly Treece.

A statement was released on Twitter by the 11th Airborne Division regarding the recent helicopter crash in Alaska, “First responders are on the scene. The incident is under investigation and more information about the incident will be released when it becomes available.”

The cause of the crash and whether or not the helicopters collided is not known at this time.

This is the second crash involving Apache helicopters in Alaska this year that resulted in fatalities.

Two helicopters from the 11th Airborne Division crashed in Alaska, causing the death of three Army pilots and injuring a fourth person. It is not clear what caused the crash or if the helicopters collided. This marks the second crash of Apache helicopters in Alaska this year, the previous one happened in February, where two soldiers were injured. 

This incident occurred just one month after the crash of two US Army Black Hawk medical evacuation helicopters during a nighttime training exercise over Kentucky, which claimed the lives of nine soldiers.




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