GOP Rep Hints At Major Move Towards Impeaching Biden

According to Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.), the House Oversight Committee is reportedly considering the impeachment of President Joe Biden after recent revelations of criminal activity and obstruction of justice involving the Biden family.

Perry said, “Look, breaking the law, high crimes and misdemeanors. There are a lot of members of Congress that know that the president is flouting the law. He knows that he’s, or feels that he’s generally incompetent and so on and so forth, but they’re waiting for a violation of section and code. And if we find that violation, in fact, then those indeed are undeniably impeachable offenses.”

Perry clarified that impeachment is not a legal solution, but rather a political one. He thinks that if President Biden is found to have violated the law, there would be backing for an impeachment vote.

Perry stated that disregarding the law, rather than failing to carry it out, constitutes an impeachable offense. He added that President Biden’s inaction and defiance of the law on the southern border is an impeachable offense, but he feels that not enough of his colleagues share this opinion.

Perry claimed that the vast number of people who enter the United States illegally, as well as the drug trafficking and criminal activity associated with it, is a justification for a vote of no confidence.

Perry and his colleagues assert that Biden’s lack of action regarding the southern border and his general lack of competence are grounds for impeachment. They believe that if Biden is found to have violated the law, it is the responsibility of Congress to hold him accountable. Perry noted that they need to persuade some of their colleagues that impeachment is a viable legal remedy, and at present, it appears to be the direction they are heading in.




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