6 People Killed After Mount Everest Tourist Helicopter Crashes

According to Nepalese officials, a tragic incident occurred near Mount Everest on Tuesday, resulting in the loss of six lives. The incident involved a helicopter that was transporting tourists to witness the majestic peak, but unfortunately, it unexpectedly crashed in the Lamjura area. The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has confirmed that among the victims were five Mexican tourists, while the pilot, a Nepalese national, also lost their life in the accident.

“Locals and the police who reached the crashed site reported all 6 persons including Pilot dead.”

Among the tourists, there were two men and three women in the group.

After providing the tourists with an opportunity to witness the world’s highest peak in the early hours of Tuesday, the helicopter was en route back to the capital city of Kathmandu.

Airport officials stated that due to unfavorable weather conditions, the helicopter had to alter its intended flight path.

In the monsoon season, which commences in mid-June, it is typical for flights to experience delays and for flight paths to be adjusted due to heavy rainfall.

According to officials, the helicopter lost communication with the ground shortly after departing from Surke en route to Kathmandu, around 10:13 a.m.

Altitude Air deployed two helicopters for the purpose of conducting a rescue operation. Unfortunately, due to the unfavorable weather conditions, they were unable to land at the crash site situated on Lamjura Pass, which is positioned at an elevation of 13,779 feet.

According to officials, local security agencies have also been activated to contribute to the ongoing rescue operations.

The Civil Aviation Authority has stated that the remains of the six individuals will be transported via land to the designated helicopter landing area before being flown to Kathmandu.

The passengers involved in the incident have been identified as Fernando Sifuentes, Abric Gonzalez, Olacio Luz Gonzalez, Maria Jose Sifuentes, and Ismael Rincon. All of them were tourists from Mexico.

According to Nepal Times, the Nepalese pilot has been identified as Captain Chet B Gurung.

At present, the exact cause of the crash remains unknown. However, it is worth noting that a majority of aviation accidents in Nepal occur due to CFIT (Controlled Flight into Terrain), where an aircraft collides with mountains that are concealed by clouds.

This incident on Tuesday morning marks the most devastating accident in Nepal since a passenger plane crashed six months ago, resulting in the tragic loss of 72 passengers and four crew members.




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