Leftists Are Utterly Melting Down After Guy Fieri and Donald Trump Pictured Together

As is often the case following the conclusion of a major UFC pay per view event, there was a significant amount of controversy and disagreement among fans regarding what they had just witnessed.

This pattern continued with last night’s UFC 290.

However, while most disputes typically revolve around topics such as whether a fighter committed a foul or if the referee’s decision to stop the fight was premature, the main point of contention on Saturday night seemed to center around the interaction between two prominent figures: Donald Trump, the former president of the United States, and Guy Fieri, the celebrity chef and Mayor of Flavortown.

The encounter in question took place outside of the octagon and appeared to be nothing more than a brief handshake and exchange of polite remarks.

In an unexpected turn of events, what initially seemed like a harmless celebrity encounter quickly escalated into a heated controversy on social media. Following the circulation of images depicting the interaction, social media users swiftly launched into a barrage of venomous attacks directed at Fieri.

“I have no idea who Guy Fieri is, but anyone kissing trump’s a** has to be a big douche,” another upset post said.

“Doesn’t Guy Fieri know that everything Trump touches dies? Hope his career goes down the toilet.”

Fieri, who typically keeps a low profile when it comes to political matters, received acclaim for his efforts in generating over $21.5 million within a mere seven-week period to assist restaurant workers who were unemployed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition to his interaction with the former president at the event, Fieri was observed engaging in conversation with the contentious Australian actor Mel Gibson and Roger Stone, a Republican campaign strategist known for his involvement in the 2016 election interference probe and subsequent pardon by Mr. Trump following a prison sentence.




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