73-Year-Old Texan Heroically Rescues Young Woman from Armed Attacker

Don’t mess with Texas, as the phrase goes. But they seem to have forgotten that it also signifies “don’t mess with Texans.”

After momentarily attempting to resolve the situation calmly, a 73-year-old Texan appeared on the scene and gave the armed assailant a lesson in civics. The armed attacker was in Texas and attempted to carjack a young woman.

The Houston Police Department posted the following information regarding the incident on Facebook.

The culprit responsible for the violent robbery has to be found, and the Houston Police Department’s Robbery Division is asking for the public’s help.

Around 12:30 p.m. on September 7, 2022, in the Houston, Texas, area’s 6500 block of Airline, the complainant exited a check-cashing establishment and made her way to her pickup. The complainant said that an unidentified individual approached her and demanded the keys to her truck while brandishing a gun. The suspect entered the truck after snatching the complainant’s keys. A male bystander saw the incident as it was happening and rushed to the complainant’s rescue. When the witness tried to remove the suspect from the truck, the suspect’s revolver accidentally shot him in the head.

The criminal then quickly left the parking area. Texas-Houston #1205421-2.

The 2011 GMC Sierra truck belonging to the complaint (last four VIN 0351) hasn’t been found as of Monday, September 19, 2022.

The Houston Police Department’s statement on the attempted robbery and the day’s activities is accurate in general, but it doesn’t adequately describe what 73-year-old Simon Mancilla Sr., a grandpa of 11, did to the robber who was attempting to rob the young woman.

The attempted robber tried to pull him out of the truck and repeatedly shot him in the head with a handgun as he reacted quickly to defend the young woman. These blows caused him to start bleeding heavily and would have rendered most people incapacitated.




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