Abbott Begins Border Wall Construction in Texas

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is once more stepping up as a tireless defender of Texas. Abbott stated recently that Texas is building a wall along the border to protect against illegal immigrants. This was another win for Team Brandon, who also rejected the Texas National Guard’s mandatory vaccine program.

Governor Abbott said around six months ago, just after Brandon took office and unleashed the floodgates of illegal immigration, that Texas will build its own border wall. 

He also added that the Biden administration has abdicated its border obligations, and that the Texans are suffering as a result. Joe Biden’s dormant attitude brought growing problems. On top of the property damage that the Texans are experiencing, illegal substances and firearms are also being brought, creating chaos and negativity.

This also resulted in law enforcement’s divided and diverted attention. Texas is doing more to safeguard the border than any other state has ever done, but it is evident that more is required. In the absence of the Biden administration, Texas is stepping up and constructing the border wall.

The wall is made of steel and was constructed in the same manner as the Trump administration’s wall. However, the section that was revealed on Saturday was built by McAllen Strong Steel, a Texas local construction firm.

Thanks to Abbott, Texas now has a big and beautiful wall that keeps criminals out of Texas, as well as the drugs they bring with them. It would be great and it would bring a whole lot of security and peace of mind, if more GOP politicians stood up for their constituents.




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