Biden Laughs And Walks Away When Asked About Covid Deaths

Joe Biden ran on a plan to end covid. Trump was responsible for his non-stop handling of the Chinese virus. Yet, under Joe, more people have died of “covid-related” diseases (whatever it means, it’s BS, but it’s still true).

Biden doesn’t respond when asked about his role in the matter. Biden literally smiles and then walks away from the topic.

Because you can’t find a valid answer to a legitimate question. You just walk away.

Ohio hospitals have “Paused” the vaccination mandate for healthcare workers because the hospitalization rate of COVID-19 patients in Ohio is so high. However, most Ohio facilities still support the federal mandate of the Biden administration. This will likely be brought to the U.S. Supreme Court.

OhioHealth, a system that includes 12 hospitals in Ohio, denied that the mandate was paused due to staffing shortages. Instead, spokesman Colin Yoder stated to Fox News Digital that it was “more to the things going through legislature and the courts right at the moment.”

Wednesday’s decision by the 5th Circuit of Appeals, New Orleans-based, was that a preliminary injunction for Biden’s vaccine mandate for state health care workers in 14 states (including Ohio) was kept in place. Their decision altered the Nov. 30 U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty’s ruling that had blocked the nationwide vaccine mandate. This means it can now be forced in half of the country.




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