AG Barr Blasts Trump Over Probe

Former US Attorney General Bill Barr criticized former President Donald Trump in a recent CBS interview. Barr rejected Trump’s assertions that the ongoing inquiry into documents by a special counsel is driven by political motives. In fact, Barr went as far as stating that the American public will eventually discover Trump’s culpability as the former leader.

The investigation into the former president’s handling of classified documents was spearheaded by US Special Counsel Jack Smith. In a search conducted at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, the Federal Bureau of Investigation uncovered a portion of these documents. This event unfolded after the ex-commander-in-chief declined to surrender the material upon leaving the White House. As a result of Smith’s inquiry, former President Trump was charged with 37 federal offenses.

Barr, a former member of the Trump administration, asserted that the American public will recognize that the Department of Justice is not engaging in a malicious investigation. He emphasized that the department handled the matter with caution and even showed respect towards the former president. Barr also held Trump responsible for the escalation of the situation, stating that it could have been avoided if Trump had cooperated by returning the documents to the agents.

In recent weeks, the ex-president has made allegations that the ongoing investigation is a targeted attack against him. Just one day after his legal team had discussions with Jack Smith and representatives from the Justice Department, Trump took to his Truth Social platform to express his frustrations. He claimed that the FBI and DOJ were pursuing him with unprecedented speed and hostility, asserting his innocence and labeling both agencies as “Marxists and Fascists.”

Barr served as the United States Attorney General for nearly two years during Trump’s presidency. Several media sources noted that he was considered one of the most steadfast members of Trump’s administration, but he resigned after Trump’s defeat in the presidential election. However, a significant rift emerged between Barr and Trump when the former attorney general publicly stated that President Biden’s election victory was legitimate, a position that was irreconcilable with Trump’s stance.




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