Women Caught On Trail Camera Eating a Deer Carcass

According to reports, two women were captured on a trail camera in Powell River, British Columbia, engaging in a ritual where they were consuming the body of a white-tailed deer. Corinea Stanhope, a 36-year-old nurse and nature enthusiast, discovered the footage of the ritual, which greatly disturbed her family. Stanhope and her grandfather had initially set up the trail camera with the intention of capturing images of wildlife, and they were pleased to have recorded a bobcat on the camera.

However, when Stanhope’s grandfather checked the camera at night, he was appalled to discover two scantily clad women feasting on a deceased deer. The women arrived approximately 10 minutes after sunset to consume parts of the carcass.

After the incident was reported online, there were various responses that made light of the situation. Some individuals commented that Wiccans should be free to do as they please as long as they didn’t harm others. 

Others questioned whether the video depicted a scene involving “the Kardashians,” while some engaged in a discussion about the historical acceptance of witchcraft. Speculation also arose regarding the authenticity of the footage, as the individuals involved were seen wearing wigs during the alleged ritual.

Upon reviewing the footage, Stanhope observed the two women handling the deer’s hoof in a manner that made it unclear whether they were “kissing” it, “smelling” it, or attempting to consume it. Regardless, Stanhope found the sight disturbing due to the decaying state of the carcass, raising concerns about the presence of bacteria on the rotting body.

Following this peculiar incident, Stanhope expressed apprehension for the safety of her horses. She had previously attributed their nighttime restlessness to their imagination, but now she believed that their anxiety was triggered by genuine and unusual events.




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