Alleged Serial Killer Calls Police To Confess

Raul Meza Jr., a 62-year-old individual, possesses an extensive criminal background. With a rap sheet tracing back several decades, Meza Jr. was previously convicted of murder during the 1980s. Recent reports from the police suggest that he has confessed to two murders, while there may be potential links to as many as 10 additional cases.

According to authorities in Austin, Texas, Meza Jr. contacted detectives and informed them of their pursuit. Subsequently, he allegedly admitted to the killing of Jesse Fraga, an 80-year-old who was found fatally stabbed in Pflugerville on May 20. Law enforcement officials noted that Meza Jr. disclosed specific details about the crime that had not been made public.

Following his purported confession regarding Fraga’s murder, Meza Jr. allegedly disclosed to the police that he was responsible for the killing of a woman on Sara Drive in Austin. Upon investigation, law enforcement discovered an unsolved murder case dating back to 2019, where Gloria Lofton, aged 66, was strangled to death. Reports indicate that DNA evidence has connected Meza Jr. to her murder.

Upon Meza’s arrest in connection with the murders, law enforcement discovered certain items in his possession, including a .22-caliber pistol, duct tape, a flashlight, and zip ties. Meza reportedly informed the police that he had intentions of committing additional homicides and expressed anticipation towards such acts.

It is worth noting that many years prior to Meza’s purported confession regarding the two recent murders, he had been convicted for the heinous killing of an 8-year-old named Kendra Page.

Meza committed a horrifying act when he abducted Kendra Page while she was riding her bicycle near an elementary school. Tragically, he subjected her to sexual assault and strangulation. Just three days after the murder, Meza confessed to the crime and surrendered himself to the authorities. As a result, he was sentenced to 30 years in prison, although he served only 11 years of his sentence.

The Austin Police Department has recently disclosed their investigation into the possibility that Meza may have been responsible for the deaths of 8 to 10 other individuals. These cases date back to the 1990s, a period following Meza’s release subsequent to Kendra Page’s murder. Detective Katy Conner, as reported by NBC News, expressed confidence in uncovering additional cases. 

Bruce Mills, who currently serves as Austin’s interim assistant city manager, had previously worked as a city police sergeant involved in the investigation of Kendra Page’s murder in the 1980s. He expressed dissatisfaction with the plea deal given to Meza in that particular case, describing it as a “travesty of justice.”




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