Biden Team Strategically Placing Kamala To Boost Her Likeability

A recent Sunday report by The Washington Post states that the Biden administration is actively working to enhance the public perception of Vice President Kamala Harris in preparation for the upcoming election next year. The article highlights that the White House deliberately arranges situations where Harris appears alongside President Joe Biden, with the most recent example being a photograph of the president and House Speaker McCarthy during debt ceiling negotiations, where Harris was strategically positioned at the center.

According to the report from the liberal newspaper, Democratic strategists have disclosed that this intentional public staging is part of a coordinated effort to elevate the vice president’s image. The operation is said to have commenced when President Biden announced his intention to run for re-election.

The lack of surprise surrounding these efforts is due to the perception that Vice President Harris has been one of the least popular figures within the Biden administration. Analysts emphasize the importance of improving Harris’ poll numbers to enhance President Biden’s prospects for re-election.

According to The Washington Post’s report, Anita Dunn, a trusted ally of President Biden, has been assigned the responsibility of coordinating various events for Harris to improve her public image. The article highlights that Dunn has instructed White House teams to arrange events focusing on infrastructure spending and abortion issues specifically for the vice president.

Joel Goldstein, a professor at the law school of the University of St. Louis, shared with The Washington Post that Vice President Harris continues to be defined by certain negative aspects, including her stance on border security, a widely criticized interview with Lester Holt, and a high turnover rate among her staff. These factors have significantly harmed her public image. Goldstein emphasized the need to alter these defining characteristics so that Harris can break free from being solely associated with them.

In recent months, numerous Democrats have voiced their concerns over the vice president’s perceived lack of essential political skills. Additionally, political analysts have observed that she has yet to establish a strong connection with the American voters, who often perceive her as aloof and lacking charisma. However, the Biden administration remains hopeful that they can change this perception in the coming months to improve the chances of both Harris and the president being reelected.




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