American Killed While Waiting In Ukraine Bread Line

A man from the United States was slain in Ukraine this week while waiting in a bread line for food in the northern city of Chernihiv, according to his family.

According to the family, Jim Hill of Idaho, who had been living in Kyiv, the capital city, traveled two hours north to Chernihiv to seek medical attention for his partner, who suffers from multiple sclerosis.

“My brother Jimmy Hill was killed yesterday in Chernihiv, Ukraine. He was waiting in a bread line with several other people when they were gunned down by Russian military snipers. His body was found in the street by the local police,” Jimmy Hill’s sister, Cheryl Hill Gordon posted on Facebook on Thursday.

Katya Hill stated her family received confirmation of her brother’s death from the United States government. Embassy.

In his final weeks, her brother was active on social media, updating friends and family on the situation in Ukraine via his Facebook account.

In a recent article, he stated that his spouse, Ira, was in intensive care and was only eating a minimal amount of food.

On Wednesday, Russian bombs and shells killed at least 53 civilians in Chernihiv, according to Ukraine’s UN mission. Sergiy Kyslytsya, the ambassador, said during a United Nations meeting on Thursday. Meeting of the Security Council.

During the conference, Russian Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya refuted allegations that Russian military attacked a Chernihiv food queue. He also rejected claims that Russia bombed two civilian targets in Mariupol, including a maternity hospital and a theater where civilians were finding sanctuary.




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