Angry Thugs Brutally Beat, Kick and Stomp On Helpless Man for Several Minutes in Downtown Los Angeles (VIDEO)

A disturbing video captured by a bystander shows a group of four young individuals on bicycles brutally assaulting an defenseless man for an extended period of time in broad daylight in downtown Los Angeles.

As per the Los Angeles Police Department, the incident occurred shortly after 4 pm on Thursday in the vicinity of Hill Street and 6th Street, within LA’s jewelry district.

The assault apparently commenced when a man driving a white pickup truck got out of his vehicle, immediately becoming the target of the assailants.

The distressing video depicts the victim being knocked down to the ground, while the four young individuals repeatedly kick, stomp on, and strike him, all while shouting loudly.

Despite the growing presence of bystanders, the beating persists without interruption.

While the attack is unfolding, one of the attackers is observed using his bike handle to violently strike the windshield of the man’s truck.

A witness named Gary, who was interviewed by KTLA, described the entire incident as horrific.

“It was horrible. When I got to the window, I saw probably about six or seven kids on bicycles. There was a white pickup truck parked out front and I saw somebody smashing in the window with his bike.”

The specific cause of the violent altercation remains unclear. However, according to a jeweler interviewed by KTLA, the individuals on bicycles were recklessly maneuvering through traffic, displaying a sense of entitlement, when the victim honked at them after they cut him off.

After the man driving the truck left the scene, the Daily Mail reported that the group of young individuals on bikes continued their erratic behavior by weaving in and out of traffic.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) acknowledged receiving a call reporting the presence of ten males on bicycles, aged between 15 and 18. Unfortunately, by the time officers arrived, everyone involved had already left.

On Saturday, the LAPD Central Division released a statement acknowledging awareness of the circulating video but stated that no official crime report had been filed.




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