Trump-Backed Candidate Wins GOP Gubernatorial Primary

State Attorney General Daniel Cameron emerged as the winner of the Kentucky GOP gubernatorial primary, bringing positive tidings for former President Donald Trump, who had expressed support for Cameron in the state. This electoral success serves as further evidence of Trump’s significant sway within the Republican Party, and recent polls indicate that he is currently the leading contender for the party’s nomination in the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

Cameron faced tough competition from Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles and former United States Ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft in the Republican arena, but his victory was not without challenges. Nonetheless, pre-election polls indicated that he was the leading candidate, and his popularity received a significant boost with the endorsement from Trump. This was to be expected, considering Trump’s substantial victory in Kentucky during the 2020 presidential election.

Cameron gained recognition among Republicans after delivering a widely shared speech during a national convention in 2020. In his speech, the state attorney general strongly criticized then-candidate Joe Biden for making contentious remarks. Biden had suggested that African-Americans couldn’t support the Republican Party and insinuated that those who didn’t vote for him weren’t truly black.

Having emerged victorious in the Kentucky GOP gubernatorial primary, Cameron now faces the challenge of competing against Democratic Governor Andy Beshear in the upcoming general election scheduled for November. According to polls, this election poses a formidable challenge for the state attorney general, given that Beshear currently enjoys a strong 63 percent approval rating in Kentucky.

Experts emphasize that this election will serve as a significant test for Trump, showcasing not only his influence within the Republican Party but also among the broader Kentucky electorate. This is particularly noteworthy as it is one of the last general elections to be held in the country before the 2024 presidential election, which could potentially feature a rematch between Trump and President Biden.




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